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Legendary Best Japanese Classic Cars

Speaking of Japanese cars, it is not uncommon for us to also talk about classic Japanese cars. “Respect your elders” We often hear the above sentence and several times we will also find it in the form of stickers attached to classic cars. Like humans, in the world of cars …

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Itasha: Modification of Anime Themed Cars

Itasha is a Japanese slang term for a car that is decorated with anime / manga character-themed stickers. Ever seen a car with Japanese cartoon character stickers? That’s the itasha car. Indeed, cars with visual modifications like this are rarely found everyday. Stickers are indeed the most inexpensive and practical form of modification. Its …

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One more place in Japan for Petrolhead

If you have previously visited the tourist attractions in Japan for Petrolhead here Then next I will continue to post part 2. Akihabara / UDX Building PA In Akihabara, aside from being a basecamp for otaku anime fans, it is also a favorite place for the itasha car meet . The Itasha car is …

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4 Japanese Tourist Attractions for Petrolhead!

Japan Tourism is one of the most popular traveling bucket lists. Not only for travelers who love traveling, Japan has long been known as a world tourist destination. This rising country is one of the most popular countries in the world. Its technological advancements, natural beauty, cultural richness, social uniqueness, fashion, anime, culinary, …

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Come To Know What The Meaning Of Japanese Number Plates

There are several other country plate numbers that are quite familiar, aka several times we’ve seen. Whether it’s on the internet, on TV or in movies. American number plates are certainly very easy to recognize, because yes there are listed names of states that are very familiar. Call it like California, Ohio, West …

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