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Save Fuel With Hypermiling

Fuel consumption is one factor that is taken into account in driving. Moreover, the price often increases every year, plus the level of road congestion which also continues to increase. These two things then make some vehicle users switch to vehicles that are comfortable in the bag, aka economical fuel. Indeed, currently …

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Why Do People Hate Honda Cars?

Honda cars are one of the most popular car brands in the world. The sweet design of the car coupled with the reliability of Japanese engines and affordable prices make many people choose to buy the car. European cars with its flagship trio, BMW, Benz and Audi almost always have beautiful …

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Water Injection: Let’s Get to Know the Definition and How It Works

Water Injection is not something new anymore, this technology has existed since 1920, aka almost a century ago. Many technologies that were originally developed for military or space use were later adapted for more general use. Well, this water injection rose in prestige during World War II. At that time, fighter planes used …

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