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January, 2020

  • 13 January

    Very sophisticated! Bosch Releases Sun Visor That Can Detect Eyes

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is an artificial intelligence system that can be arranged in a scientific context. AI is currently being developed to help human life through computers to be even better. Bosch also tried to use AI for the automotive segment. Because at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Las Vegas, United States, …

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  • 9 January

    In the year 2023, BMW will prepare a new car

    The development of the automotive industry is now beginning to lead to environmentally friendly vehicles. So BMW began to draw up plans for the coming year. Like launching a new type of electric car. In 2023, BMW will prepare a new car. Reporting from detik.com (08/01/2020), there will be 12 electric cars prepared …

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  • 4 January

    Car Surgery – Toyota AE86 Series

    For petrolheads who doesn’t know the “Initial D” drifting cartoon series (1995-2013) from Japan’s cherry country? Yes, the main character in this cartoon series is Takumi, the son of a tofu maker who everyday takes the tofu to customers through mountain tracks by driving a Toyota car, the Toyota Sprinter Trueno …

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December, 2019

  • 31 December

    Driving Technique: Let’s get to know Drag and Slipstream!

    The term slipstream or sometimes also called drafting, is one thing that is very common in racing. Ever see in a straight lane the car behind can go faster then overtake the car in front of it? The car in front seemed slower. Is it because the car in front of the engine …

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  • 31 December

    The Country With the Best Police Cars in the World – Part – 3

    German This country feels ‘mandatory’ to have a fleet of high-performance police cars. Germany has long been known as a giant European car manufacturer with a trio of its flagship like a European car , its performance can not be doubted. But that’s not all. Germany has a toll road that has long been known …

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  • 29 December

    The Fastest Eagle from Suzuki: Hayabusa 2021, Passing Euro5 and Kubication 1500 cc?

    Suzuki  Hayabusa is  taken from the name of the famous falcon (Peregrine Falcon). This bird is capable of flying at a speed of 390 km / h. Next year, European anti-pollution air standards will be increasingly stringent with Euro5. This moment is used by Suzuki to launch Hayabusa, all of which are completely new. The …

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  • 27 December

    Apparently This Is How Yamaha Niken Works When Sharp Cornering

    When viewed from the appearance, clearly Niken is a genuine sport bike that has three wheels. Despite having two wheels in front, Niken can turn perfectly. Apparently this is how the Yamaha Niken works when cornering sharply. Apparently This Is How Yamaha Niken Works When Sharp Cornering Yamaha Niken is a motorbike …

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  • 25 December

    In Japan and Europe, Luxury Sedans with Rusty Bodies Become a New Trend

    The world of automotive world has always developed over time. Not only in terms of technology embedded in the car, but also in terms of the car body design trends. Recently, there is a car body trend that is attracting attention, especially for car lovers in Japan and Europe, namely the trend …

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  • 20 December

    The Country With the Best Police Cars in the World – Part – 2

    United Kingdom The country of birth of the most famous car TV show, Top Gear certainly has a very large car culture. Cars in the UK have long been a hobby and a hobby of various people. From motorsport enthusiasts to enthusiasts who like to modify their cars. England is also known as one of …

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  • 17 December

    The Best RC Drift Car on the Market

    RC Drift Car is a remote control car that is known for good speed, balance and control, and is often used for drifting. As we know, to do drifting, drifters often need a car that has been modified and improved in performance to ensure the steering comfort, suspension and great power …

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