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Power Shifting : Driving Technique

This technique can only be done in a car with a manual transmission. As the name implies, that is shifting or passing a gear, of course it can’t be done in an automatic car hehe. Power shifting is a technique to move the gear completely without releasing the accelerator. So the gas pedal remains fully pressed …

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Driving Technique: Rev Matching Downshift

Rev matching is a technique of adjusting the gear rotation / transmission to the engine speed (rpm) that is usually used when lowering a gear (downshift). Therefore this technique is also sometimes referred to as the rev match downshift . Immediately, we review how to do this downshift rev match. If for example we …

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Save Fuel With Hypermiling

Fuel consumption is one factor that is taken into account in driving. Moreover, the price often increases every year, plus the level of road congestion which also continues to increase. These two things then make some vehicle users switch to vehicles that are comfortable in the bag, aka economical fuel. Indeed, currently …

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Legendary Best Japanese Classic Cars

Speaking of Japanese cars, it is not uncommon for us to also talk about classic Japanese cars. “Respect your elders” We often hear the above sentence and several times we will also find it in the form of stickers attached to classic cars. Like humans, in the world of cars …

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