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Mclaren Elva, Expensive Hypercar Without a Windshield

After previously Mclaren had given birth to their masterpiece, Mclaren Senna, recently they re-released a car that was quite surprising. The rumor is this car is no less fast with Mclaren Senna. Mclaren released their latest roadster car called the Mclaren Elva. Elva will later enter the Mclaren series called the Ultimate Series …

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This Is Aspark Owl, Candidate of the World’s Fastest Car!

Competition in the hypercar realm is dominated by European producers such as Mclaren, Bugatti, and Koeniggsegg, feeling they don’t want to lose to Japanese producers sending representatives called Aspark Owl. Aspark Owl was first introduced to the public at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, when it was rumored that this car …

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Honda CBR1000RR-R FireBlade 2020

Motorcycle – The latest Honda CBR1000RR-R FireBlade or model year (MY) 2020 has just been launched. The street version of Marc Marquez’s motorcycle is equipped with many new features. Honda CBR1000RR-R FireBlade 2020 cool after messing up! The latest sports motorbike from Honda is inspired by Marquez’s RC213V. One of them is the …

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Review, Specifications of Honda PCX 2019

Honda Motor manufacturers’ quick response in seeing the market needs to be appreciated. Honda also launched PCX to compete with Yamaha NMax, which until now dominated gambot scooters. Review, specifications and prices of Honda PCX November 2019. The launch of the Honda PCX motorbike is quite horrendous for the Indonesian automotive world, …

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Honda Adds New Color to CRF150L

Only a few months after it was launched, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launched an update for the CRF150L. This update for motocross is only limited to minor change. One of them is the existence of new colors. Honda adds a new color for the CRF150L. Reporting from Kompas.com (10/30/2019), the color is an …

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What is a Sleeper? Discusses Completed Car Sleeper

Sleeper in direct translation can be interpreted as a sleepyhead. This term is a slang language which has the meaning of something that looks ordinary from the outside but turns out to have something great or wow. I also still wonder why sleepers are used as slang terms for this meaning. My …

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