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A row of cars with the best manual transmission

It is undeniable that there are separate sensations when we drive a car with a manual transmission. Cars with manual transmissions allow the driver to enjoy the roar of the engine and unite with the car in a way that would not be possible with a car without a manual transmission. A …

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B30 Fuel Trial Has Started, When Can It Be Used?

B30 fuel (a mixture of 30% biodiesel on diesel fuel) is planned to run in January 2020. This special diesel engine vehicle fuel is a government policy as an effort to reduce imports of diesel fuel. B30 fuel will replace the B20 that has been applied previously. In order to support government …

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Will the Kijang Innova be made by Toyota?

Cars – Actually, the Kijang Innova has a look that is still okay. But there are those who feel that it’s time to get this MPV car refreshed. Then does Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) want to make it easier? Kijang Innova will be seen by Toyota. Will the Innova Kijang be made by …

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Mclaren Elva, Expensive Hypercar Without a Windshield

After previously Mclaren had given birth to their masterpiece, Mclaren Senna, recently they re-released a car that was quite surprising. The rumor is this car is no less fast with Mclaren Senna. Mclaren released their latest roadster car called the Mclaren Elva. Elva will later enter the Mclaren series called the Ultimate Series …

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This Is Aspark Owl, Candidate of the World’s Fastest Car!

Competition in the hypercar realm is dominated by European producers such as Mclaren, Bugatti, and Koeniggsegg, feeling they don’t want to lose to Japanese producers sending representatives called Aspark Owl. Aspark Owl was first introduced to the public at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, when it was rumored that this car …

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